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4 Pillars (八字)/ Destiny Analysis Calculator

4 Pillars (八字) of an individual served as the basis of information used by Feng Shui masters. The result is used to interpret one’s Strengths and Weaknesses based on ancient Chinese statistics. This is calculated based on ones’ birth date and time period.

This calculator is based on Hsia Calendar (夏历), also known as Ten Thousand Year Calendar (万年历). Note that this result is fixed and do not change with time.

Often, other basic information such as below are used to complement the findings.

  • Chinese name
  • Gender

Ming Gua (命卦) Calculator – East West Group (东西命)

Ming Gua (命卦) came from Eight House Mansion (八宅). Each individual has 4 good directions and 4 bad directions that will affect his/ her life. An individual can either belong to East Group (东命) or West Group (西命). This is calculated based on birth date, time period and gender.

Note that this result is fixed and do not change with time.

During Feng Shui audit, Feng Shui master from Eight House Mansion School will use this as an indicator to determine the main door, bedroom and stove. Often, they will use their Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan/ 罗盘) to determine the best direction, auspicious and inauspicious sectors of a house. This concept applies the same to building audit.

To learn more on the directions, you can read them here.

Flying Stars (飞星) Calculator

Also known as Nine Palace Flying Stars (九宫飞星), this finding is used to determine the building Natal Chart. The chart is then used in conjunction with time period to determine the auspicious & inauspicious stars positions.

House audit is based on a 20 years cycle (changes every 20 years) to determine the directions. In addition, Flying Stars also consists of bi-hourly, daily cycle, monthly cycle and yearly cycle periods. However, they are not used during house audit but for other purposes with shorter time goal.

The finding is used to draw out the stars positions based on the house floor plan (split into 9 sectors). Based on the directions and star positions, Feng Shui master used this to determine the current and future potential outcomes of each sectors (room/ house). Outcomes such as health, career, relationship, study and etc…

Note that this result is not fixed and they do changes with time.

Side note: Feng Shui cycle is 10 year period. Flying Stars is up to 20 years period.

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