Grandmaster Justin Neo Zhen Jue

Grandmaster Justin Neo Zhen Jue

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  1. Feng Shui Lineage: Passed down from ancestors

2. Main School of Feng Shui (House Audit):

-Ba Zhai (八宅)

-Xuan Kong Fei Xing (玄空飞星)

-I-Ching (易经)

-Ancient books passed down from Ancestor (祖先传下来的古书)

3. Feng Shui Style : Modern and Classic Feng Shui

4. House Audit Requests:

-Buying Feng Shui Items : Yes

-Arranging Furniture : Yes (depends on situation)

-Minor/ Major Renovation : Yes (depends on situation)

5. Other Services Available:

-Residential/ Commercial Consultation (阳宅/ 商业风水咨询)

-Geomancy Property Search (风水产业搜寻)

-Floor Plan Consultation (风水平面图分析)

-Luck Analysis (流年运程)

-Selection of Auspicious Dates (择吉纳日)

-Name Selection for Newborn (婴儿命名)

-Name Change for Adults (成人改名)

-Name Analysis (姓名分析)

-Classes on Bazi/ Feng Shui (八字/ 风水班)

-Conduct Seminar (讲座)

-Consecration of Feng Shui Items (开光)

-Placement of Deity and Buddha (安神)

-Ash Urn Placement (骨灰安放)

-Cemetery Feng Shui (阴宅风水咨询)


Information Verified with Master: Yes


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