Master Lynn Yap (Fengshui Queen SG)

Master Lynn Yap (Fengshui Queen SG)

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  1. 1. Feng Shui Lineage: Learnt from many Masters. Established Fengshui Queen 风水皇后 Brand of Fengshui since 1997/98.

    2. Main School of Feng Shui (House Audit):

    -Xuan Kong Feng Shui (玄空风水)

    3. Feng Shui Style : Modern Feng Shui (Fengshui Queen SG advice)

    4. House Audit Requests:

    -Buying Feng Shui Items : No

    -Arranging Furniture : Yes

    -Minor/ Major Renovation : Yes

    5. Other Services Available:

    -Destiny/Life reading (八字) for newborn/ adult (For Overseas client, Whataspp only)

    -Destiny reading (八字) review

    -Auspicious dates selection (for wedding dates, Cesarean, start business, opening ceremony, renovation, shift house/ office/ factory)

    -Selection of Chinese names for newborn/ adult

    -Selection of corporate logo & colors

    -Feng Shui audit for office room/ desk

    -Selection of office seat directions in groups

    -Pre-purchase property for Feng Shui Audit either onsite or floor plan (Whatsapp only)

    -Travel overseas for Feng shui projects at a short notice (Business class and SQ only)


    Information Verified with Master: Yes


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