Master Rayden Sim

Master Rayden Sim

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1. Feng Shui Lineage: Passed down from family through many generations

2. Main School of Feng Shui (House Audit):

-Ba Zhai (八宅)

-Energy Reading (磁场)

3. Feng Shui Style : Classic and Modern Feng Shui

4. House Audit Requests:

-Buying Feng Shui Items : No

-Arranging Furniture : Yes

-Re-adjusting Energy in the House: Yes

5. Other Services Available:

-International/Professional Residential Geomancy audits

-House unit Cleansing, Chanting and Blessing services to enhance Personal and Business Luck, creating Harmony and enhancing Wealth

-Auspicious Dates Selection service for Customary Wedding, House Shifting, Start of Renovation works etc

-Expert guidance for traditional customary wedding and Chinese customary rituals

-Auspicious date Selection for Customary Wedding and ROM

-Auspicious date/time for Cesarean

-Auspicious date Selection for Other Auspicious Events

-Baby and Adult Naming Services

-Ba Zi Selection Of Premises

-Personal Life Reading for individuals, couples or business owners to better understand themselves and strive for the best in life

-Fengshui Consultancy for selection of Burial Grounds, Niche and Pedestals to Rest In Peace as well as to benefit their descendants

-Prayers to Earth God for Ground Breaking Pre Post Building Construction

-Prayers to Earth God Pre and Post Renovation of Premises

-House Cleansing and Blessing services

-Altar Placement and Transferring of Buddha/Deity/Ancestor Tablets


Information Verified with Master: Yes


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